Meet Andrew Rockway, our rockin’ volunteer from the Seward neighborhood in Minneapolis, MN. He’s been incredibly helpful with Compassionate Action for Animals this past year so we asked him to assist in planning the post-Twin Cities Veg Fest animal advocacy conference, Their Lives, Our Voices (TLOV). Andrew was kind enough to break away from his busy day to answer a few questions for us.

TCVF: What have you enjoyed most about volunteering with Twin Cities Veg Fest so far?
Andrew: I enjoy interacting with all the people on the planning committee who are really awesome. Also the tasty food.

TCVF: What are you most looking forward to?
Andew: Can’t wait for the Veg Fest and TLOV. They’re bound to be informative and fun, which is the best combination.

TCVF: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Andrew: I enjoy reading, biking, and cooking.

TCVF: Do you have a favorite recipe you can share?
Andrew: Yes! Jackfruit Tacos from the Midwest Vaygun blog! Check it out.

TCVF: Who or what species is your favorite animal?
Andrew: I don’t have a favorite species of animal. All are equally worthy of life free from human exploitation, but cotton-top tamarins are pretty cool.

TCVF: Andrew, what’s rockin’ your world this month?
Andrew: What’s rockin my world? The Supreme Court? NSA revelations? Or if this is a music question, my good friends in the band Cousins. Have a listen.

TCVF: That is indeed rockin’, Andrew. Thanks a bunch!