If you’d like go above and beyond to help make the Twin Cities Veg Fest a success, please consider volunteering at the festival this year. We have all sorts of opportunities for all sorts of people. If you like talking to people, consider being a greeter or staffing one our tables. If you like hard work, you can help with transportation or setup. If you like garbage (hello Oscar) you can be on our maintenance team!

We also have opportunities to help out before the festival with bag stuffing and postering or after the festival with data entry and office cleanup. Whatever your schedule or temperament, we probably have something that will suit you.

Volunteering is a great way to meet fun people and contribute to a great cause. Your work in making the festival a success has a direct impact on animal suffering. When people come to the festival and have a great time they’re much more likely to make a positive step towards a plant-based lifestyle. As we convince people to reduce their consumption of animal products, fewer animals will be bred for a life of suffering. It’s a win for you and for the animals!

Check out our volunteer opportunities page for all the available volunteer slots.