TCVF: What is your role on the Veg Fest team?
Jake: My role is the entertainment coordinator, which is finding musical acts to perform at this year’s Veg Fest.

TCVF: How did you get involved in planning the Veg Fest?
Jake: I was a late bloomer after the original Veg Fest team was formed. After the committee decided they wanted to include a concert, they asked me to be the coordinator for it.

TCVF: What have you enjoyed most so far?
Jake: The thing I have enjoyed the most is finding a lot of great music that I probably would have never stumbled onto on my own.

TCVF: What are you most looking forward to?
Jake: I am most looking forward to seeing both people enjoying bands they have never heard of before and people who came for a band but are then exposed to all of the great exhibitors and food!

TCVF: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Jake: In my free time, I enjoy cooking (less so when it’s beautiful outside), rock climbing, going to shows, and running (less so when it’s cold outside).

TCVF: Who or what species is your favorite animal?
Jake: If I could be another species, it would be a squirrel. I’m not sure if that makes the squirrel my favorite species or not.

TCVF: Do you have a favorite recipe you can share?
Jake: Perfect Cinammon Buns from

TCVF: What’s rockin’ your world this month?
Jake: Random Minneapolis festivals and the Mad City Vegan Fest was rockin’ my (and hopefully everyone’s) world this month!