Clark (a goat) and Brita (a human)

Welcome to another installment of “Meet a Cool Veg Fest Committee Member!” Today’s victim feature is Brita Bengtson, our Media Outreach Coordinator. Brita’s in charge of writing and distributing press releases, arranging advertisements, planning events for members of the media, and promoting the Veg Fest to as large an audience as possible. As long as it took to read that sentence, it took even longer to do all those things. Amazing!

TCVF: So Brita, how did you get involved in planning the Veg Fest?
Brita: I started out as the Advertising and Media coordinator for our inaugural Twin Cities Veg Fest 2012. I was blown away by the response to Twin Cities Veg Fest 2012 – over 1,200 people came! So the hard work was really worth it.

TCVF: What have you enjoyed most so far?
Brita: The Veg Fest committee is full of foodies who possibly (?) love food even more than I do. Also, many are great vegan cooks so the food we share is always a huge incentive to come to meetings. I also attend most of the other CAA events that involve food, like the Vegan Chili Cook Off, dine-outs, potlucks, cooking classes, Vegan Food Showcase and Veg Week events.

TCVF: What are you most looking forward to?
Brita: I love music of all kinds, so I am looking forward to the addition of live music to Twin Cities Veg Fest. It sounds like we will have a diverse mix of sounds for people to enjoy along with the delicious food!

TCVF: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Brita: I like to enjoy summer when it comes around, so that involves a lot of biking around to different shows, and music and movies in the park.

TCVF: Who or what species is your favorite animal?
Brita: This year in June, my admiration of goats was reaffirmed when I visited some at Heartland Farm Sanctuary. I came upon a young goat who looked like he was taking a nap while the other goats and sheep frolicked. I was told his name is Clark, and that he’s not so active because he has arthritis. Then I just wanted to give him a hug. Although Clark touched me in particular, all the animals at the sanctuary were a delight – such distinct individuals, like all human and non-human animals. They are all “someone, not something” as our friends from Farm Sanctuary would say.

TCVF: Do you have a favorite recipe you can share?
Brita: I love being creative with food, so I am trying new things all the time. I also think it’s funny that vegans try to make “bacon” out of anything. One I have tried and loved recently is shiitake “bacon”.