We’re only three weeks out from the Veg Fest, and you still haven’t met all the members of the Planning Committee. Today, thankfully, you get to meet Raven. Raven is the youngest Advertising Coordinator in Veg Fest history! Simply amazing.

TCVF: So Raven, how did you get involved in planning the Veg Fest?
Raven: I began volunteering with Compassionate Action for Animals last fall, assisting with some of CAA’s smaller events, and soon after was pulled into helping organize the Veg Fest!

TCVF: What have you enjoyed most so far in planning the Veg Fest?
Raven: It’s exciting to help plan such a big event that is only entering its second year. I’m really happy about how neatly Veg Fest is coming together with the hard work of our committee and other volunteers, and how much our vision and goals for this event have come into focus.

TCVF: What are you most looking forward to at the Fest?
Raven: I’m really excited about the food. We’ve been able to be quite selective about the food vendors that we will have at Veg Fest, and a lot of free food will be given away as well.

I’m also looking forward to Their Lives, Our Voices, the activist conference that we will be hosting the day after the Veg Fest. I think this will be a great opportunity for people to dive deeper into animal welfare issues and grow as activists.

TCVF: Hey, thanks for the plug! What do you like to do in your free time?
Raven: I really enjoyed reading and watching movies, when I still had free time.

TCVF: Yes, sorta hard to remember free time. Le sigh. Who or what species is your favorite animal?
Raven: Cats.

TCVF: What’s rockin’ your world this month?
Raven: I don’t know! I saw an actual turkey hanging out in the middle of the city the other day, which was sort of interesting.

An actual turkey? It wasn’t me? Just kidding! That’s a terrible thing to say (about turkeys). Thanks Raven!