Environmental degradation isn’t just bad for people, it’s also bad for animals. As an organization committed to respect and justice for animals, we are trying to reduce our environmental impact wherever possible. We’ve taken a number of steps to make Veg Fest green.

We’ve banned exhibitors from selling bottled water. We doubt any of them wanted to anyway, but now they can’t, so there. We’ll be providing delicious Minneapolis city water at the event. Bring your water bottle from home to help us reduce waste even further!

Our swag bags are made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

We have also asked all exhibitors to use compostables for their samples and food sales. By using compostables in this way, we can significantly reduce the amount of waste produced by this event.

Finally, Veg Fest is all about encouraging people to eat lower on the food chain. This is good for animals suffering in factory farms, and it’s also good for the environment.