Exhibitor Hall
Exhibitor Hall – Photo by A Frame Forward Photography (www.aframeforward.com)

The 2012 festival took place on July 26, 2012. Over 1,200 people attended to try out delicious vegan food, listen to speakers, and learn more about compassionate living. Our first two hundred guests received some special goodies in their swag bag, and we handed out 1,000 bags total.

Last year’s exhibitors included plenty of free samples. Attendees tried Field Roast frankfurters, nine kinds of peanut butter from Peanut Butter & Co, delicious Vegan Pockets, and so much more. We also had several vendors selling larger food portions, from raw to African to American. And of course, we also had a variety of artists, non-profits, and vendors of other products, including clothing and personal care products.

Food from Asase Yaa
Food from Asase Yaa –
Photo by A Frame Forward Photography (www.aframeforward.com)

Our speakers included Erica Meier of Compassion Over Killing, Scott Heiser from Animal Legal Defense Fund, Professor of Religion Mark Berkson on Faith and Food, Registered Dietitian Suzy Sorensen, and more.

On our post-event survey the hundreds of attendees who responded gave the event uniformly high marks. They liked the “warm and inviting atmosphere”, “tried lots of food that [they’d] never tried before”, and they liked the “wonderful, positive environment.”

Join us in 2013!