We have a lot of great exhibitors joining us for the 2013 Twin Cities Veg Fest. We’ll have delicious vegan food samples, tasty vegan meals, and a wide array of artists, vendors, and non-profits!

Action for Animals

AFA operates under the simple principle that animals do not exist for humans to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment. We promote a Vegan lifestyle. AFA strives to end animal suffering through educational outreach, demonstrations, and media involvement. They will be selling animal rights themed shirts and stickers.

All My Own

From plush to steampunk. Craft creations by Marlene Gaige.

AM950 Food Freedom Radio

AM950 Food Freedom Radio is hosted by Karen Olson Johnson and Laura Hedlund. Karen will be selling books and they will also have some free stickers, magnets, and other fun swag.

Animal Rights Coalition

The Animal Rights Coalition is one of the oldest and most successful animal rights organization in Minnesota, with over three decades of helping animals. ARC works to end the suffering, abuse, and exploitation of non-human animals through information, education, and advocacy.

Arbonne International

Arbonne is a provider of Swiss-formulated, American-made personal care products. Arbonne prides itself on refusing to use animal products or by-products and never testing on animals.

Asase Yaa - Food Vendor

Asase Yaa serves Ghanaian-influenced world cuisine.

Boneshaker Books

Boneshaker Books is a volunteer-staffed progressive bookstore located in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis. Boneshaker specializes in progressive/radical literature, children's books, and a curated fiction section. Bike deliveries available!

Captured by Brooke Photography - Sponsor

Brooke Reynolds is the owner and artist behind Captured by Brooke Photography. Brooke specializes in bringing flair to wedding photography and boudoir and senior portraits.

Chicago Vegan Foods

Maker of numerous vegan foods, including the popular Teese "cheese" and Dandies marshmallows.

Chicken Run Rescue

Chicken Run Rescue provides temporary shelter, vet care, and good homes for abandoned and neglected chickens in the Twin Cities area.

Comfort Candy - Food Sampler

Comfort Candy will be sampling and selling their vegan line of caramels and chocolates.

Compassionate Action for Animals - Food Sampler

Compassionate Action for Animals is a Twin Cities based nonprofit that has been in operation since 1998. We encourage people to cultivate empathy for animals and move towards a plant-based diet. Our programs include leafleting, video showings, cooking classes, social events, and of course, the Twin Cities Veg Fest! CAA will be sampling non-dairy milks and vegan ice cream treats.

Conference Connections Bookstore

Conference Connections Bookstore is a joint venture between Growing Communities for Peace and the University of Minnesota Human Rights Center. Conference Connections provides easy access to Human Rights and Peace Education books, curricula, posters, training guides, multimedia materials, gifts, bookmarks, kindness currency, and other resources.

Ecology Democracy Network

The purpose of the Ecology Democracy Network is to restore our relationship with the Earth through education and grassroots organizing.

Ethique Nouveau

Located in Southwest Minneapolis, Ethique Nouveau offers a shopping experience that is kind to humans, animals, and the earth. The vegan boutique specializes in goods that are both ethically and beautifully manufactured.

Field Roast - Food Sampler

Field Roast will be offering samples from their line of vegan grain meats. Their products include sausages, frankfurters, roasts, and more.

Flamingo Ethiopian Restaurant - Food Vendor

Flamingo is an Ethiopian restaurant located in the Midway neighborhood of St. Paul.  They'll be selling vegan meals. You'll be eating them. The definition of a win-win.

Gaia Soap

Gaia Soap specializes in hand-crafted soaps made from animal-friendly and Earth-friendly ingredients.

Happy Animals

Happy Animals is a Minneapolis-based purveyor of shirts and other goods designed to raise awareness of animal cruelty and exploitation. 50% of profits from sales are donated to organizations working to improve the lives of animals.

Heartland Farm Sanctuary

Heartland Farm Sanctuary is dedicated to helping homeless farm animals in Wisconsin, and building connections between animals and vulnerable youth. Heartland was created to provide a safe, peaceful environment where youth and farm animals could come together to heal, grow, and have fun.


Is it your car? My car? No, it's HOURCAR! Come join the car-sharing revolution with HOURCAR.

Howling for Wolves

Howling For Wolves has been working since 2012 to stop Minnesota's wolf hunt.

Introspective Comics

Ryan Dow is the creative force behind Introspective Comics.

Kitty Corner Cafe - Food Vendor

Kitty Corner will be selling Turkish-style vegan waffles.

Kojic Art

My work reflects my observation of the world around me. I strive to bring together energy, knowledge, patience and discipline. My art reflects my deep connection and respect for nature and world where we live. My intention is to reach perfection through simplicity and I want my art to speak for itself as universal language.

Mehndi Moments

Mehndi artist Amy Leinen will be drawing on you (with henna)!

Mercy for Animals

Mercy for Animals works to create a society where all animals are treated with the compassion and respect they so rightfully deserve. MFA serves as a voice for animals through proactive consumer education initiatives, cruelty investigations, corporate outreach, and legal advocacy.

Minnesota Voters for Animal Protection

Minnesota Voters for Animal Protection’s mission is to end animal cruelty and unnecessary animal suffering caused by humans in Minnesota.

Mississippi Market - Food Sampler

Mississippi Market Natural Foods Co-op sells natural foods (and other things, too). Stop by the table for some eats and assorted miscellany.


Move2Veg offers nutrition counseling with a focus on plant-based eating. Move2Veg is run by Suzy Sorensen, a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator. Suzy will be speaking at the Veg Fest and the Their Lives, Our Voices animal advocacy conference.

North Coast Organics

North Coast Organics is a Chicago-based company that creates organic, vegan, handmade personal care products. Shop confidently and conscientiously with North Coast Organics.

Oxfam America Club

Paws Place Animal Sanctuary

Paws Place's mission is to provide help and hope for people who have come to a crossroads in caring for their medically challenged or elderly pets. Through support visits, education, and nutritional advice, we make every effort to help pet lovers keep their animals healthy at home. However, if the time comes when it is no longer possible to do so, Paws Place can provide a safe, secure place in a foster home or at our sanctuary.

Peace Coffee - Food Sampler

Peace Coffee's mission is to make exceptional-tasting, organic fair-trade coffee that sustains the livelihoods of the people who grow, roast, and sell it; preserves and protects the environment that produces it; and delights the taste buds of those who drink it.

Punk Rawk Labs - Food Sampler

Minneapolis-based Punk Rawk Labs specializes in living cuisine. You might be asking yourself, "What's living cuisine?" You'll have to come to the Veg Fest to find out. Or, I guess, you could click the link below. You should probably do both, just to be safe.

RAES Foods - Food Sampler

The makers of Bee Free Honee.

Seward Cafe - Food Vendor

The oldest collectively-run business in Minneapolis. Serving up tasty vegan treats.

Sierra Club North Star Chapter

The Minnesota chapter of the Sierra Club will have a table with info on environmental issues here in our state of Minnesota.

The Flaming Vegan

Crowd-sourced vegan content. News, recipes, tips, politics, and much more!

The Hub Bike Co-op

Theo Chocolate - Food Sampler

Chocolate. Delicious chocolate. All the way from Seattle, WA.

United Poultry Concerns

Promoting the compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl.

Upton’s Naturals - Food Sampler

All seitan all the time.


Plant-based, cruelty-free pup food.

Way Better Snacks - Food Sampler

Way Better Snacks are the makers of the delicious sprouted Way Better chips and crackers.


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